♦ korean styles: get the looks- autumn edition ♦


As we’re all transitioning from summer looks into warmer styles, I decided to find some outfits that I thought would look good for the fall and find the links to them for you all. Please know that not all the clothes will be 100% exactly like the photo because I couldn’t find the exact ones. 

I really like how casual this outfit is, with a plaid shirt, white T-shirt, yellow pants, and a bright yellow snapback. I also thought the outfit would be nice as a plain white dress with the flannel as an option as well.  

Red Checkered Flannel ♦ White Shirt/White Dress ♦ Yellow Pants ♦ Yellow Snapback

I really love the floral theme going on in this outfit and it’s definitely a cute, girly look to wear. The cardigan really makes the outfit look more put-together. 

Coral Cardigan ♦ Jeans  ♦ Floral Shirt ♦ Beanie 

This is more of a street-style that looks effortless and chic with a mixture of a little girly. I really love how the jacket toughens up the look a bit while the choker makes the outfit more feminine. 

Green Jacket: Exact or Cheaper Options ♦ Choker ♦ Black Shorts ♦  Belt ♦ Shoes

For a more professional look for work, I liked how this outfit focused on a plum sort of color with the printed skirt that that made the outfit seem more unique. White Blouse ♦ Printed Skirt ♦ Heels: Exact or Cheaper Option ♦ Bag: Exact or Cheaper Options

I instantly loved this outfit because it’s such a cute outfit for an average college student, especially in autumn. The collared shirt with the cardigan makes the outfit preppy and practical for warmth on the colder nights and the bag with the watch are practical uses for a college student or anyone who desires to achieve the preppy but cute look! 

Collared Shirt ♦ Cardigan ♦ Black Shorts ♦ Bag ♦ Watch 

These are five looks that are suited for the autumn weather and I hope these will help with inspiration for any cute and preppy outfits for the fall. I would love to know which outfit you liked the best and suggestions for any other looks for me to find links for! 

*Disclaimer: Nothing from these posts were sponsored and everything was my own opinion because these outfits are just so cute. 



☼ review: 3-step sheet mask – vita toning ☼


Hello, today I’ll be reviewing the Celderma Clinic Vita-Toning 3-Step Sheet Mask! To be honest, I’m a complete newbie to the world of beauty products. For me, a beauty routine is basically washing my face and then calling it a day. But I’m becoming a bit more knowledgeable in the right ways to take care of my skin, so do bear with me as I try to maneuver my way around beauty products and get to know what works for me and what doesn’t. And hopefully, for those of you that are looking to see how well it works, this is the post for you.  

I received a bunch of beauty product goodies from going to the beauty workshops in KCON NY, and this product was a sample from Glow Recipe. The online link to the three-step sheet mask can be found here


unnamed (4) unnamed (5)
Here is the front and back of the product. I love how this is completely designed to be portable and a quick process as a facial foam cleanser. I also really appreciate how the three steps are labeled so I won’t ever be confused of which one to use, and all the instructions are written in both Korean and English with explanations on what each step does. Another great thing is that when I’m going to use one step at a time, I can tear it neatly so I don’t accidentally open up any of the other parts. Sorry if the photos are too small, but I’m pretty sure you can click to enlarge them. 

✧ TL;DR:

  • Nice packing
  • Easy to rip  
  • Easily portable  
  • Instructions in both Korean and English
  • Gets the job of cleaning the face finished in three easy steps
  • Has the steps labeled out for newbies like me  


I first used the facial foam cleanser, and I must say that tearing the small packet was a bit difficult. If you’ve bought this product, make sure to open it with scissors because the package is very durable and protects the inside components. The facial foam cleanser looked a bit like lotion, and when I applied it on my face, it kind of felt like a cleanser I suppose. I remember thinking that my face with the facial cleanser felt like I had applying lotion except it didn’t absorb into my skin. Once I had finished washing my face, it felt very squeaky clean. Then after a while, my face felt clean, nourished, and a bit soft.  

For the ampoule and face mask, I wasn’t able to use it myself, but I did see the effects because I had my friend use it. I opened the package to the ampoule and the liquid inside was a bit thicker than water and when it was applied. The ampoule smelled really clean and refreshing, and it felt saturated against the face. 

As for the mask, when it was taken out of its packaging, it was very watery and slippery. The mask was in one full part, and was a little  difficult taking it apart to stretch against the face. Since my friend didn’t like these kinds of masks that were extremely full of  moisture, she had taken it off rather quickly. However, I did find that her face was soft and supple. However she did say that the openings of the face mask weren’t well cut and felt way too sticky for her preference. 


All of these components in the packages were all designed to make the face softer and cleaner. I personally thought that because I prefer a little product rather than adding on many different layers such as toner, ampoule, exfoliators, etc. Despite that I only used the facial cleanser for my own face, I thought using only the cleanser already made a difference to how my face felt. I must admit that I was rather disappointed with the mask though, but I could safely believe that the nutrients in the mask would definitely make the face and skin more moist.

RATING: ✧✧✧/5
I hope you found this review to be at least a bit informative but hopefully I will improve my skills at reviewing new products. If you’ve tried this product, I would love to hear your experience with it in the comments below.