■ weekly favorites part 2 ■


I know I haven’t been exactly active, but while I was away, I did acquire some new favorites to share with you all!  

  • Quantico: Right off the bat, the FBI has always been an interesting topic to me, and I love how the show is not just about the FBI academy and how the trainees survive to become special agents. The main ploit is mainly about how one of the characters introduced to the audience may be the culprit that has caused a terrorist attack and our main character, Alex Parrish, is wrongfully accused in the middle of the entire investigation The show goes back and forth between months earlier when the characters settle into the academy, establishing relationships with the others with their various intentions for being there, and the aftermath of the attack. Watch it on Hulu here.  

  • Heroes Reborn: I wasn’t sure how I got hooked into this show, but this show revolves around the day of June 13th and how the attack that day affects many of the characters that are introduced. From that day, people with powers called Evos, were feared and killed because they were the reason that so many people died on June 13th. There are so many storylines for the different characters that will eventually align together as one whole story that the Evos will cross paths and save the world. The things I love about this show are that there’s actually diversity in the characters’ ethnicities! I was so glad to see a storyline with Japanese characters that will eventually have an important role in the main setting of the show, which is in Odessa, Texas. Having the actor Robbie Kay in this show, whose role is just heartwarming and adorable overall, is also a plus because I really loved him and his acting as Peter Pan in the show Once Upon a Time. Watch the episodes on Hulu here.  

  • Ms. Anonymous EP by MAX: Max Schneider has been a pretty well-known Youtuber that does music for a living with his cover videos, but it was awesome to stumble on his new EP on Soundcloud. My favorite song on his album is his song called “Gibberish” featuring Hoodie Allen. Each song is artfully created that showcases Max’s amazing voice, and you should take a listen right here.
  • I realize I haven’t really been dabbling in too much American music lately, so here are a list of Korean pop music that I’ve really been into. Just click on the song titles to go to the links to listen to them!

1. 미안해요 (Sorry)- Park Boram 

2. Love Toxic- Royal Pirates 

3. Wow Wow Wow (Feat. Eric)- Jun Jin 

4. 보통연애 (Ordinary Love) feat. 박보람 (Park Boram)- Park Kyung 

5. Closer- OH MY GIRL 

6. Dope- BTS 

7. Don’t Be Happy feat. MAMAMOO- Bumkey 

8. But I Love U- SISTAR 

9. RHYTHM TA- iKon 

10. One More Step- Kihyun of Monsta X 

 I hope you’ll like my favorites so far as much as I do, so definitely check them all out with the links I’ve provided. If you have any favorite television shows or songs, definitely comment them because I would love to find some other great songs and shows! 


Disclaimer: None of these photos were mine, and were taken from Google Images.


♦ korean styles: get the looks- autumn edition ♦


As we’re all transitioning from summer looks into warmer styles, I decided to find some outfits that I thought would look good for the fall and find the links to them for you all. Please know that not all the clothes will be 100% exactly like the photo because I couldn’t find the exact ones. 

I really like how casual this outfit is, with a plaid shirt, white T-shirt, yellow pants, and a bright yellow snapback. I also thought the outfit would be nice as a plain white dress with the flannel as an option as well.  

Red Checkered Flannel ♦ White Shirt/White Dress ♦ Yellow Pants ♦ Yellow Snapback

I really love the floral theme going on in this outfit and it’s definitely a cute, girly look to wear. The cardigan really makes the outfit look more put-together. 

Coral Cardigan ♦ Jeans  ♦ Floral Shirt ♦ Beanie 

This is more of a street-style that looks effortless and chic with a mixture of a little girly. I really love how the jacket toughens up the look a bit while the choker makes the outfit more feminine. 

Green Jacket: Exact or Cheaper Options ♦ Choker ♦ Black Shorts ♦  Belt ♦ Shoes

For a more professional look for work, I liked how this outfit focused on a plum sort of color with the printed skirt that that made the outfit seem more unique. White Blouse ♦ Printed Skirt ♦ Heels: Exact or Cheaper Option ♦ Bag: Exact or Cheaper Options

I instantly loved this outfit because it’s such a cute outfit for an average college student, especially in autumn. The collared shirt with the cardigan makes the outfit preppy and practical for warmth on the colder nights and the bag with the watch are practical uses for a college student or anyone who desires to achieve the preppy but cute look! 

Collared Shirt ♦ Cardigan ♦ Black Shorts ♦ Bag ♦ Watch 

These are five looks that are suited for the autumn weather and I hope these will help with inspiration for any cute and preppy outfits for the fall. I would love to know which outfit you liked the best and suggestions for any other looks for me to find links for! 

*Disclaimer: Nothing from these posts were sponsored and everything was my own opinion because these outfits are just so cute.