✗ ten important concert tips!!! ✗


Even though I’m not a frequent concert-goer compared to most people, I think I’ve seen my fair share of what to generally expect before, during, and after a concert. These are ten important tips to remember.  

  • Be prepared the day before. You might want to bring a few things with you during the concert, depending on where the venue is. If the concert is inside, I suggest bringing a light jacket or a flannel in the lighter seasons. If it’s outside, maybe wear sunscreen or even sunglasses. Wear closed-toed shoes so your feet won’t hurt if you spend most of the day walking.  For people who have long hair, you might want to bring a hair tie especially if you’re in a crowd full of sweaty people and it’s summer. Check if the tickets are ready to go so you don’t forget them the next day. Definitely bring a bag to put anything you buy or need to bring. 
  • Unless it’s guaranteed, don’t expect anything. If it’s not a part of the ticket you bought, a fan meet or taking a photo with the celebrity/celebrities is not guaranteed to you. It mostly depends on how lucky you are and your determination to get a little more than what you paid for. Definitely try to get that selfie or maybe even a hug from the celebrity/celebrities if you can!  
  • You’re probably going to wait in line for a while, so get to the venue early! Depending on the concert and what ticket level you buy as well as what it offers, it is most likely that you’ll be waiting outside the venue along with a lot more people to get in early or get a good spot near the stage. Being in front of the line may take a few hours of standing and boredom. A good tip is to make friends with the people on the line. They’re most likely fans too, so talking about the concert and the artist’s songs may make the hours go by faster and you can make a new friend with a similar interest in music as you!  
  • Definitely charge your phone the day before or bring a charger and set aside enough storage for all the videos and photos you’ll take. I always make sure to do this because I really hate when the concert moments pass me by and I have to delete whatever apps I can quickly let go so I can take more photos or videos.
  • WEAR CLOTHES WITH POCKETS. Especially for girls than the guys, our shorts and jeans mostly don’t have pockets, so make sure to wear something with pockets so you can put your phone or whatever you need in there while you’re dancing along to the music or clapping along with the beat. I hate when it’s so uncomfortable holding my phone while I clap or I can only raise one arm just because I don’t have pockets in my shorts.
  • Bring a little more cash than you usually do. It’s likely that there will be a table for merchandise, so be sure to have a bit more moola at hand. It’s always nice to get something as a souvenir for the memories you make during concert night. 
  • Bring your friends! If your friends are interested in the concerts that you’re going to or you want to go to, having a friend to go with can make any intimidating situation a little less scary. It’s also safer to get to and from the concert with a friend, especially if it’s at night and runs late. 
  • Do all your eating and snacking before the concert. You don’t want to be hungry and dehydrated when it starts. Either eat early before or on the line waiting to get in. Unless it’s an outdoor concert, it’s most likely that you can’t bring any liquids or foods inside the venue, and will probably be thrown in the trash before you can go in. It’s really a hassle so make sure to drink and eat everything that you have on you. 
  • Don’t make a huge effort videotaping the entire concert. As much as you would like to have videos of the concert as memories, you’ll only end up having the memories of videotaping them. Don’t be so fixated on getting footage to put on social media or saving it so you’ll remember it. A thing I usually do to bring back some footage rather than none is to get a video with the audio and an occasional scene of the stage by putting my phone in my pocket so I can get some video but also enjoy the show. It’s not ideal but it’s still something to remember the concert by. 
  • Biggest tip is to have fun! Remember that this is a day to enjoy, relax, and have fun. You paid for this, so you should get the experience you paid for. It’s important to prepare for the necessities but mostly go with the flow with everything that happens on concert day. Some things may not go as planned, but going along with it may lead to greater opportunities.  

So these were my ten important tips to remember if you’re going to a concert! I hope maybe you found this post to be a bit helpful to those of you looking for advice for your first concert; this is probably a summary of what you should know, and maybe a refresher for those who have been to a couple of concerts too. If you have any more tips, comment them down below because I would love to know some more tips for the next time I go to a concert! 



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